What distinguishes NR Classic Cars from other dealers?

And why is a car from collector’s hand or 1st hand the better solution?

You would like a vintage car, possibly a model you have dreamed of for a long time. But where to buy? The prices fluctuate by more than 100 percent, how am I supposed to know what a really cheap offer is?

We are happy to help you here.

If you buy from a private person, the car has been in Europe for a long time and no history can be proven, then you are taking a high risk! The reason: Private sellers are only liable in the event of really malicious deception, which you must, however, also prove to them.

So if the engine and transmission are already going to the eternal hunting grounds on the way home with the cheap turnip, then good luck: bought as seen and test driven.

When there are a lot of great racing parts attached to cars: Watch your step! The garage and village screwdriver knows everything better than the engineers of the biggest car manufacturers – that’s why he has remained the omniscient village screwdriver on the Internet – without his own company.

But even with dealers you are not safe from real penny graves, because American cars are a marginal phenomenon in Europe and the TÜV inspectors cannot know every exotic in detail. And so, for example, the TÜV badge is just a guarantee that brakes and lighting will work – and that’s it! Which TÜV inspector knows that the frame of the Corvette is laminated in and how to find out whether it has already rusted away?

And most dealers just buy simply on the Internet and then pretty as well as it goes on, and ready is the “bargain”.

But there is a solution: join us at the Oldtimerakademie. They will be introduced to the technology and informed about the history of US automobiles.
And the “hands on seminar” gives you all the information you need about each car model so that you can make a good purchase decision afterwards.
Here are a few basic rules so that you can avoid the most serious mistakes:

  1. Buy from a retailer you trust. How do you find him?
  2. Ask the dealer’s customers how satisfied they are.
  3. “As the Lord, so’s the lord”. This old saying is especially true for car dealers. Take a close look at the owner and showroom:
    • Are the cars presented cleanly in a showroom?
    • Do you get detailed information about the car?
    • Can every car be started?
    • Is every car ready for a test drive?
    • Does the dealer also offer you a view of the car on a lifting platform?
  4. Few previous owners suggest that they have been treated with care, because if someone wants to drive his car for 30 or 50 years, he will take care of it.
  5. Ask where and how the dealer buys: You can buy unseen on the Internet, too. However, good dealers themselves inspect the automobiles on site – mostly in the USA. Only in this way can you buy really good and well-kept cars without surprises.
  6. Let them show you the checklist of the inspection of the car – that has every serious company.
  7. Buy them only cars incl. H-approval and TÜV, because if a car is offered without this performance it has a reason. You’ll be the second to notice why.
  8. There are many exotic cars for which there are no more spare parts and many dealers live from these cars that nobody in the USA wants and therefore one can buy cheaply. But where would you get the window seals for the Mercury xyz or the brake pads for the AMX? There are many cars that are only for gifted screwdrivers, – if they just want to drive fingers away from the exotics.

Last but not least, we are happy to take the time to advise you so that we can find out which vehicle suits you best and which car will give you long-term pleasure.

That’s our goal:

We want to win our customers as new friends and therefore we only have cars that we like to drive ourselves. And all were selected by us ourselves, whereby we offer most of all maintained cars from 1. or 2. hand, because they enjoyed “genuine love”, are clean and maintained!